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Vice-president meets delegation of Domeneen A. Co. of medical supplies

صورةWithin the establishment’s effort to present the best medical services to the martyrs’ families; the vice-president of establishment Mr. Faris Borwari received the delegation of Domeneen American Co. for medical supplies under presidency of the company’s deputy Mr. Kassim Abdul-Allah. They discussed opening a joint hospital between them with a specialized American staff and modern equipments in addition to training Iraqi staffs from the martyrs’ families and also they discussed opening a specialized center for making the synthetic limbs and giving the establishment moving medical cars. Borwari emphasized on the necessity of presenting the medical care for the martyrs’ families through discussing the ways of working in this huge project after making a full study on it. The members of care council Dr. Faisl Abdul-aaima and Mr. Abdul-Bari Faiq attended the meeting.

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