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Meeting of the Committee to prepare a curriculum for Baath party crimes in the Iraqi parliament

صورةThe Committee for the preparation of the curriculum for the crimes of the Baath Party held a meeting in the presence of the head of the state of Law bloc Dr. Khalaf Abdulsamad. For implement article 17, paragraph XIV of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation Act No. 2 of 2016. Which obliges the ministries of Education and higher education, and scientific research. In order to, prepare a curriculum taught at all academic levels.

During the meeting, the Committee discussed in its works and Dr. Khalaf Abdulsamad was directed to expedite the implementation of the legal material. In this regard and to incorporate it into the curriculum. To indicate the extent of the crimes committed by the Baath Party.

It's contempt for the rights of the Iraqi people, humanity and the environment. The demographic change of the geography of a number of governorates.

The meeting was attended by the advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and scientific research, the director general of the Ministry of Education, the Director general of informatics at the accountability and Justice authority and the Deputy Director general of the Martyrs ' Victims of Baath Party crimes department.