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The religious man Muhammad Hussein Fdhil Allah the site guest

His Eminence born in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf in 19 of Shaban 1354 a.h. began studying in the religious school at an early age, was almost nine years old. His father taught him, then he joined with the outside lessons at the age of 16, he studied on the hands of the great masters in this school like, Abu Al-Kassim Al-Khuai, Muhsin Al-Hakeem, Mahmood Al-Shahrodi , and sheikh Hussein Al-Huli . He was a diligent student. His Eminence traveled from Iraq to Lebanon at 1966; and there he established the legal Islamic institution, many charities and orphanages.
The delegation of media and culture department to Lebanon visit his Eminence and make this interview with him …
• What are the important requirements that should be present to the martyrs' families?
- Developing the scientific level and present financial and moral support for the martyrs ' families are the important requirements that should be present at this time.
• What are your memories with the martyr Muhammad Bakir Al-Sadir?
- The martyr considered one of the famous religious characters which makes path of light for the Iraqi people in building their country. Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf is a great city included many religious characters fight the tyrant Saddam.
• The establishment presents the services for the martyrs' families by holding many activities like, the jamborees as the first jamboree in Baghdad, the second in Basra and there is an idea to hold one in Lebanon, what is your opinion?
- Welcome by the martyrs ' sons. We support them by all means. We are ready to present help and we have a specialist team in this work.
• A final word
- We blessed the establishment and its employees for their special efforts in service the martyrs' families and their fair subject.