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The minister of evacuators and emigrants (The Establishment of martyrs is memory and history for our martyrs)

Al- khalidoon newspaper met the minister of displaced and emigrants Mr. Abdul Samad Rahman Sultan because he is from the martyrs' families and his Excellency answered all the questions in humility.
• Your Excellency, informs the reader about your biography?
- I born in Zurbatya city at 1958 and finished my primary studying there then I travel with my family to Al- Basra province and there finished my secondary and high school and joined by the college of medicine but at the fourth stage I left studying because of the former regime evacuated my family to Iran and there I completed my medicine study and appointed in the Iranian hospitals and stayed there until overthrow this regime.
• Your memories with your brother the martyr Muhammad?
- The martyr finished his study in engineering. He was preponderant, persistent on prayer, love people and help them and this reflected on me and all others who surrounded him for his notable personality and intelligence. He was reading so much to the Holy martyr Muhammad Baqir Al-sadir , the religion man Muhammad Hussein Fdhil Allah and Malik Al-Mahdi books also we be effected by the master of the Arabic language Abud Sheltag ( The actual governor for AL-Basra province) my brother was take me to the mosques with him like the mosques of Al- Rahma and Al-fakeer . He arrested from Al-Rasheed camp at 1979 because he was soldier at that time .He did not confess on any one from his friends in the interrogation .He executed at 31/5/1980 but before his execution they ask him what did you want to do ? He answered "I want to pray tow prostrations to thank God" .
• What was your suffering and the family after the arresting and the execution of your brother?
- After the execution in six months , its one from the hard times because of the pursuits of the former regime , but we could support our brothers in resistance and continue with them like the engineer Ghazi Sabri Sabti who was from other religion and then became Muslim and my brother contributed by this . This person lives in our home till the martyrdom of my brother .He accompanied my brother in secondary, high school and collage. He arrested at 1984 and sentenced on him by prison for 10 years. My brother participated in the uprisings like Safar uprising at 1977 and I participated with him when I was in the first stage in the college of medicine and also Abaass Ajeel , Al-Talkani and Sahib Abu Kalal were with us
The family arrested at 1980 under the plea of not participating in the elections that happened to elect the revolutionary command council, they arrested the family in Basra security directorate and the general security in Baghdad and they evacuated us to Iran after confiscated all our money and possessions, after our reaching to Iran we lived very hard times, then I could complete my studying in the Iranian national medicine collage and appointed in the Iranian hospitals in the Holy city ( Kum) , I participated in Al-shaapania uprising at 1991 and returned to our country after overthrowing the regime .
• What did your ministry presented to the martyrs' families who evacuated outside of Iraq?
- The ministry Established to render the essential functions, like returning the evacuated and the emigrants, returning the Iraqi nationality ID to who denaturalized from them, returning the confiscated possessions. These functions are divided between our ministry and the institution of the conflicts' possessions dissolution and after the stability of the security situation tend to whom evacuated by force , and we work on more than 25,000 refugee to return their ID card and we sent three staffs of work to Iran , every staff stay for one month so we could give more than 3500 ID card to the evacuators and we agreed with the Iranian side to facilitate the work of the staff also we coordinated with the establishment of martyrs and the establishment of political prisoners and presented statistics data to the martyrs' families from the evacuators and the work with the establishment of martyrs is continual .
• What did your ministry presented to the martyrs ' families according to the instructions of the presidency of ministers in allocate 10% from the appointments to appoint the martyrs families?
- I visited the establishment and we have many employees from the martyrs ' families and I wish to appointed the martyrs' families but us you know the budget's plan reduced the appointments. There is continuation between the ministry and the martyrs ' families and especially the family of the martyr Dr. Basil Jassim Atta who his three brothers (Saad, Faris , Raad) executed with their sister Fatima in Al-Najaf province .
• Is there was any plans to develop the relations between the establishment and the ministry?
- The officials of the establishment worked in great effort and in best ways and I consider the establishment is one of the best establishments which realized best work through the last two years to service the martyrs ' families who presents their souls and bloods to built Iraq . If there was any ministry or chair this through the martyrs ' bloods.
• The laws of the transitional justice like the law of injury remedy is the ministry think by compensate the martyrs families who loos their sons and suffers when they where evacuators?
- With the suffering of the martyrs' families and especially the evacuators but the mass graves is a great witness and there were families presented more than one martyr and did not receive any help because they couldn't come to Iraq so we sent our employees to Iran for distributes the establishment's gift for them. Now we closed the camps of refugee and evacuators by force, among them from the martyrs' families and the establishment presented helps for them.
• Is there is any intention to make common staff between the ministry and the establishment?
- The establishment of martyrs adopted the martyrs affairs and the ministry adopted the evacuators affairs because both of them who were deprived from country and sons , from other side the political dismissal should take its right way and there is cooperation between our ministry and the establishment of martyrs in order to obtain this time from the political dismissal and I wish all the ministries be cooperative with the establishment
• Through the minister we asked the ministries' support to the establishment and he answered that his Excellency the prime minister is the essential supporter to the establishment of martyrs and also all the ministers
• The establishment of martyrs is memory and history for our martyrs and it should present the best services for these families which sacrificed by all what they possesses
• We blame the ministry about its weak participate in the festival of resistance Baath?
- I were travel outside of Iraq and I present more than one occasion and I pride by the establishment and participated in its activates because the martyrs are the real symbols for our being.