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The Deputy Minister of Culture.: - Mr.Taher al-Hamoud (we will involve the establishment in the cultural activities of the ministry )

The ministry on the complete readiness to cooperation with the establishment of martyrs …
We will involve the establishment in the cultural activities of the ministry...
Martyr is symbol of a whole nation and a symbol of its originality …
Nation which has no martyrs its non-living nation …
The ministry of culture is one of the important ministries which are responsible for a big job, especially in the period that followed the fall of Albaath regime and as a result for the continual changes in Iraq the work of the ministry took a new direction differs from the period of the former regime , alkhalidon newspaper meet The Deputy Minister of the ministry of Culture Mr. Taher Nasser al-Hamoud in an interview which discussed the relationship between ministry of culture and the establishment of martyrs and its responsibilities in order to show the values of martyrdom and heroism of the martyrs through joint cooperation between the two …
At the beginning of the dialogue the deputy spoke about bright aspects in the process of his life which is full of struggle against injustice, he descended from a family known by its religious obligation in Albasra province and that which does not like saddam's regime therefore he executed four of his brothers and as a result Mr. Taher traveled outside of Iraq and there he began the political work of anti-baath regime through media, and after fall of the regime he returned to his country after along absence to contribute by building the new Iraq .
Then, the deputy answered for some of the questions.
* Mr. Taher what is the degree of your ministry cooperation with the establishment?
- The ministry shows its cooperation to promote the establishment work because the martyr case lives in us and because of his active role in understanding the magnitude change that happened in Iraq , and without this blood saddam's dictatorship was not to fall , and as part of my work in the ministry of culture I try to show the martyr role in any cultural forum and the establishment is required by the ongoing work to highlight this role and we will help the establishment to succeed in its work especially with regard by the cultural aspect .
*Since its establish, the establishment works to promote the cultural aspect through holding the exhibitions, festivals and seminars and the establishment aspires to develop this aspect because of its importance does the establishment could involve in the activities of the ministry of culture ?
-- This subject is need to a joint coordination, and we are fully prepared to engage the establishment in cultural activities of the ministry, ( as a first step directed by telephone to the cultural house in Basra to involve the directorate of martyrs of Basra in the cultural festival) ( Basra , capital of culture ) which is building by the ministry there .
* The establishment and since a period is working to erect a monument to the martyr in every province from Iraq for his honor. Does the ministry can contribute in the project through the technical side?
--The establishment is able to assess a competition for artists who are ready to work in this area and we will participate in the technical evaluation work by the experts in this field to reach for best results.
* A final word you would like to say to the establishment?
-- In fact, talking about the martyr case is not ended in a simple meeting, it's much deeper than to acquaint in this short time. But I say: we have to be responsible to stand up a courageous stand against any one who wants to obscure the role of martyr or reduce from his personality
And we need to remembrance these courage values constantly to be alight that lights the way because by this pure blood fell the most powerful dictatorial regime, Iraq has witnessed and by this blood we having the responsibility, and as moral and national duty, we most be worthy of responsibility towards this land, which embraced the thousands of martyrs. That Martyr symbol of a whole nation and a symbol of its originality, so Nation which has no martyrs its non-living nation.
My final word to the establishment is to seek to highlight these values to the future generations until they don't forget the size of tragedy
That has befallen by this land also as its duty to stand ready for all who stand against achievement of its objectives , and I like to commend by the great effort which exported by the establishment to obtain the rights of martyrs' families and I wish to it success in its work .
Interviewed by: - Muaid Alsadi – Kefah Haider
Lens: - Muntathar Al-jabry