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The minister of higher education and scientific research "we are supporting the martyr case"

We will introduce what is possible for this group of society.
Our aim is to build modern country during advanced teaching.
At press meeting with the minister of higher education and scientific research Dr. Abd Dhiab Al-Ajeli by Al-khalidoon newspaper the Response was evident from his excellence. He emphasized that his ministry is on the complete readiness to introduce what is possible for advancement of this group of martyrs ' families because they were suffering More at the period of the former regime.
Al-khalidoon: - the group of martyrs ' families it's one of more groups in the Iraqi society which has been suffering from marginalized especially at the scientific side , your ministry what has been introduced for the families of martyrs ?
The minister :- the ministry introduced the leaning and helping for martyrs ' families and it is continual through exempt them from the wages of studying which trouble them post an to allocation seats for them in the higher studies and include them by system of scholarships for development and rehabilitation the students according to the requirements of the time .
Al – khalidoon :- ever- increasing for the students required increasing the requesting on the university buildings and at the presence time the available of this buildings does not cover the requesting . what is the plan that your ministry established it to solve the problem ?
The minister:- the ministry and as apart of it's plan for expand and build a university buildings it is try to resolved apart of the problem and at the presence time it establish with coordination some of the competent ministries the plans to expand work for include all the providences of the country , I add that the work includes processing all the buildings by the needs and requirements which concerning the university work and by what serve the students in all the specialties .
Al- khalidoon :- the ministry of higher education , as you explained excluded the students from martyrs' families from the wages of studying , but there are some of the institutions and universities did not comply with the implementation of this exception , what do you think the reason ?
The minister :- the ministry required all the universities and institutions by the orders which issued by it , but in the case of students claiming by the wages of studying , he shall submit a request to the minis