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Mr. . montathar Al- jabri the official of alkhalidoon forums Site guest

the official of alkhalidoon forums and radio Emphasize during meeting with him ....
Al-khalidoon radio Transferred martyrs' families voice in the world
During apress meeting held with him he Emphasize that al-khalidoon radio is martyrs' families voice for the world.
Mr. montathar Al- jabri Initially ,after opining Al-khalidoon forums Which proved it's successful and include more than 1000 member In record time when will Al-khalidoon radio begin it's formal transmission ?
The official: - Al-khalidoon radio begins its formal transmission at the first day of Ramadaan month and now we are transmission experimental on the internet.
When was the beginnings foundation for the radio? And is there a view on the other radio channels?
The official: - The idea started in March of this year when the radio staff has been going to Al- raodh AL-hussienia radio on a visit to gain experience in this area because its workers have highly experience and most of them from martyrs' families.
Is the radio staff from martyrs' families?
The official: - yes, the radio staff from martyrs' families and it is a young staff.
In future is transmission will be on "FM, AM" waves?
Yes, soon the transmission will be on these two waves.
What is the radio transmission program?
The transmission will be on two times a morning time since 9:00 to 3:00 and the evening time since 5:00 to 10:00 .the morning live. The evening is review for morning time.
What kind of programs which the radio will transfer it?
The radio programs will be various as political, cultural, entertainments, and sport post an covering Celebrations and festivals which the establishment sponsored.
The media staff for radio, its numbering and features?
The staff number near 10 and all of them highly experienced in this area.
Away from Al-khalidoon radio, what is future projects for forums?
The forums are going to open internal television channel special by the establishment and its transmission privet by establishment departments and directorates.
Is there coordination with the other media channels in the country?
Yes, the media coordination is found we agreed with Al-ahed radio and Al-forqan radio To be media co-ordination between the forums and these media establishments In order to gain experience in this area for service martyrs families.
A final word?
Al-khalidoon radio and forums will be martyrs' families voice to transfer their projects and achievements post an to their suffers at the extinct regime time all over the world.

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