Tender No. 7/2013

Tender No. ( 7/2013 ) for the foundation of the directorate of the martyrs of Baghdad
Martyrs foundation announces the re-announcement above public tender within the investment budget allocations for the year 2013 and at a cost of speculative


Tender No. 5/2013

((Tender No. (5/2013) for the foundation, rehabilitation and equipping of the martyrs' foundation press in Baghdad))
Announces the martyrs foundation for public tender above within the allocations of the investment budget for 2013 at a cost of speculative


Muhammad Alhindawi visits the foundation

The chief of martyrs and political prisoners committee, sheik Muhammad Alhindawi and the committee's members, Abdul-illah Alnaili, Ali Abdul-Nabi, and Najiha Al-amiri visited the foundation and meet with its chief, Dr. Aamir Alkhuzaai , its members of


The league of martyrs' families holds its first cultural constituent program

Under the auspices of the prime minister, Mr. Nuri Almaliki and the title of " By the fathers' bloods and the sons' hands we are building Iraq"; the league of martyrs' families held its first cultural constituent program for the league's members. The


The foundation holds exhibition of martyrs' images in the first honorary conference for the martyrs and the creative leaders

The foundation held exhibition of the martyrs' images and the documents which condemn the dictatorship regime of Saddam. This exhibition came by the occasion of the first honorary conference for the martyrs and the creative leaders, which was held by


Vice-president of foundation receives Safia Alsuhail

The Vice-president of foundation, Faris Barwari received the member of Iraqi parliament, Safia Alsuhail, explained the foundation's role in caring the martyrs' families and the ways for compensate them on the unjust at the era of Saddam's regime. She