The Martyrs of Foundation open an office for terrorism victims martyrs circle in toz Kormato

The Martyrs of Foundation establishment office to institution martyrs and victims of terrorism Memorial Foundation establish toz Kormato- this department has opened because the large number of martyrs increased (1720) martyrs plus more (4600) injured.



The President of martyrs of Foundation and his staff congratulations and blessings to the Iraqi hero, however, the commander in Chief of the armed forces of Dr Haidar Abadi, and the security forces of all types and for all factions of the popular crowd.


President martyr's of foundation attends the annual Central ceremony for Islamic Dawa party for marking the auspicious birth and anniversary party

President of martyr's of foundation has been attended the ceremony in the annual central ceremony for Islamic Dawa party.

This ceremony include the memory of the birth of Prophet Mohamed and the birth of his grandson Imam Ja'far Ibn Mohamed


Martyrs of Foundation team opens up a mass grave in Mosul

A professional team specialize in research has started excavation of mass graves of the martyrs ' Foundation.
This special team has opened a mass grave in an area which called (akab Valley) in Mosul. In cooperative with the Department of forensic


President of the Martyrs Foundation stresses the service of the martyrs and the completion of their belongings

The head of the Foundation urged Ms. Najah Abdul Amir Al-Shammari the staff of her office to take care of the requests of the martyrs' families and make every effort to accomplish the tasks entrusted to them as soon as possible.

This came


The President of the Foundation meets the judges of the Special Committees and in the presence of the Directors-General

The President of Martyrs Foundation, Naja Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, held a meeting that included the Directors-General and the Chairmen of the special committees to consider the requests of the families of the martyrs 'Baghdad and Basra.' The meeting discussed